Large trees on your property can be a great asset. They provide shade and make the property more beautiful. However, if one of those trees dies or is severely damaged by a storm, it needs to be safely removed. Dunlap Tree Experts is your source for tree removal. We'll remove the tree carefully and leave your lawn neat and clean.

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The safer method

of tree removal

A dead or damaged tree can quickly become a safety hazard if it's not removed. Damaged trees can fall or lose limbs, landing on people or property. Dying trees have the same risks, but can also leave rotting wood in your yard or spread diseases to other trees. The team at Dunlap Tree Experts can safely remove these trees.

This is a summary of our tree removal method:

A team of people assess the tree
A climber will go up the tree and cut away pieces
They use rope to lower pieces away from obstacles
The pieces are disposed of in a chipper
The larger logs are taken away
A complete cleanup leaves your yard spotless

If you need affordable tree removal in Racine, WI, trust the company that puts safety first.